Trounze Education Management

Trounze Education Management (TEM) is a comprehensive solutions provider for those looking for international growth opportunities.

TEM is a place where you transform your strategic international growth impediments into new opportunities. We have a firm command on outreach and our expertise in growth strategies makes us the perfect choice for getting you the kinds of contracts you want from new international markets you want to lead. Whether you are a B2 B service provider, deal in state contracts, or even if you are a non-profit organization, we can get you the place you want in your targeted markets around the globe.

We take challenging tasks and keep our doors open for customers coming from all business categories. From SMEs to publicly recognized industry leaders, we help them all find their place. We provide business development opportunities in new markets with extensive research and solutions for brand development, corporate secretarial services, deep opportunity analyses, finance and accounting management, finding sales channel partners, furnished work spaces, HR support, lead generation, local representation, market expansion, payroll and expenses management, staff recruitment, tax compliance, etc.

  • We finance, set up, and manage international offices of state institutions.
  • We partner up with owners of private educational institutes to realize their potential.
  • We help our partners find and streamline ROI prospects into real profits.
  • We are thought leaders and so lead with fresh approaches to agency and consultation.

Our Core Values:

  • COLLABORATION: We strongly believe in collaborative working and learning.
  • EXCELLENCE: We aim for customer satisfaction and deliver it with service quality. Period.
  • GLOBAL & REGIONAL KNOWLEDGE: Diversity in our team helps us build international teams and manage them successfully.
  • INTEGRITY: We are always forthcoming, transparent and authentic with our business partners.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: We respect ourselves and others and always demonstration discretion.
  • SERVICE: We are committed to being reachable, flexible, and reliable for all our business partners.


  • Strategically selected office locations around the world for matchless outreach.
  • Office features provide full support to all kinds of business partners
  • Academically qualified and experienced staff to give you the best service possible
  • Our unique approach to leadership makes us a unique organization



  • TEM has shown commitment to globalization and innovation in education across the globe for two decades
  • Solid reputation of recruitment of international students globally
  • We have over 50 experts in various fields in our team.
  • Core leadership experienced in dealing with international organizations


Our focus is always on out-of-the-box pathways to finding solutions, high standards, and impressive service through:

  • Novel tactics and methods
  • Sharp analyses of market trends and competitor capacities
  • Creative strategies for market entry
  • Discovering assistance and agencies
  • Swift action, speedy results, and tailored customer support.
  • Peak quality solutions for student employment


TEM has established a reliable network of hiring agents and recruitment experts around the world, including counselors in Africa, Asia, and other regions.

Our network also includes our allied business partners in various countries of the world, who provide expert opinions regarding the culture and local opportunities of the economies they survive in.

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