Our recruitment solutions target to:

  • Augment prospects by up to 25% during the first quarter
  • Decrease acquisition costs by up to 30% in cases coming from India
  • Boost application quality of Indian prospective students
  • Seek out less represented student segments
  • Optimize engagement of former students

TEM is committed to delivering this kind of solutions to our clients. We have a track record of helping educational institutions with discovering more enrolments and aid through our marketing strategies. Our successful strategies to this end include high quality web content in the form of advertisements, emails, social media, and lead discovery.


If you are one of such higher studies institutions that are looking for increased enrolments from the Indian populace, or seeking brand development in India, or target Indian students for your courses and offers, TEM is the best partner you can ask for.


The ever evolving higher education market requires international education providers to have keen observation and marketing strategies to succeed in emerging economies. Developing countries have huge populations of youth who are thirsty for education from internationally recognized institutions to gain edge in the job market.

Like any other market, India has its own set of challenges, and educational institutes that seek out competitive advantages here must come up with focused strategies.

This is where TEM comes in. TEM Global Recruitment Alliance program allows our client institutes to approach such student markets with preparation, helping them distinctly gain higher enrolment rates.

Partnership with TEM will greatly affect your success in new markets regardless of whether your objectives for expansion are generic and global or specific and country-specific. The way TEM works is also quite simple and affordable: while our campaigns are mostly efficient in their own funding and only require initial investments, we highly recommend your engagement and devotion to the representation campaigns you employ with us.

You can expect TEM to help you increase your enrolment prospect rate by 25% within three months if you stay engaged with our decided strategies.

Get in touch with us for more information about our GRA program!

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